Verizon Now Offers a Free Apple Music Subscription

As of today, Verizon is offering a free Apple Music subscription to new and current users on their Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans. Users of the Go Unlimited plan are still offered the old service add-on of 6 months free, followed by the standard Apple Music subscription fee of $9.99/month.

If you or your family has multiple users on either the Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited plans, all you have to do is go into the My Verizon app and activate the free Apple Music subscription for each line, individually. From there, Verizon will text you with a verification and a link to open Apple Music. If you’re an existing Apple Music subscriber, Apple will detect your overlapping subscription and open a Safari web page prompting you to cancel either the Verizon or Apple subscription. Obviously, at this point you’d cancel the one that isn’t free.

My wife and I were both subscribed to the Apple Music Family plan, costing us $15.00/month. With Verizon’s add-on, we now each have free individual plans, but it works entirely the same way as the family plan.

Now that we’re beyond the age of carrier subsidies and 2-year contracts, and well into the age of no-strings attached $1000 iPhones, it’ll be interesting to see how the major carriers compete with one another for the consumer via add-on benefits. Currently, every major carrier offers some form of service add-on, with T-Mobile offering a free Netflix subscription, Sprint offering a free Hulu subscription, AT&T offering a free subscription of its live-TV streaming service, AT&T WatchTV, and now Verizon offering an entirely free subscription to Apple Music. Consumers certainly have their benefit options to choose from and those options are likely to improve over time.