Apple's 'Project Titan' is Researching a Smart Seatbelt

Malcolm Owen at AppleInsider:

An offshoot of research from Apple's "Project Titan" car project is work on a smart seat belt that could be used to control a car's entertainment or even self-driving system in the future. 

According to a publication from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s patented “smart seatbelt” would consist of media controls and speakers on the outward-facing portion of the seatbelt. While Apple is consistently filing patents for technology that never sees the light of day, I can’t help but wonder what prompts the company to green-light some of these projects.

Apple has been using ‘Project Titan’ since 2014 to develop an autonomous car for release in the coming years (if at all). Of all things, surely they don’t need to spend their time re-inventing the seatbelt.