The Apple TV YouTube Channel

Inching ever closer to its May 2019 update, Apple quietly unveiled a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to Apple TV. Ryan Christoffel at MacStories said:


“Over the last few weeks Apple has quietly debuted a new YouTube channel dedicated to one of its services: Apple TV. The Apple TV channel is home to a variety of videos, like trailers for upcoming films and TV shows, exclusive behind the scenes clips and interviews tied to popular shows and movies, and, of course, videos highlighting Apple's own original content efforts, like an Apple TV+ trailer…”

We’ll be receiving the major update to the Apple TV app this May, but with Apple TV+ launching this Fall, it’s only a matter of time before we begin seeing trailers for Apple’s original content. Apple traditionally posts all of its product promo videos to its self-branded YouTube channel. Given the number of original productions in the works at Apple, it makes sense to keep all Apple TV+ promotional content confined to a specific YouTube channel, while keeping the company’s main channel available for the occasional iOS or macOS device promo.

If you’re interested in exactly what Apple will be producing within its streaming service, go smash that subscribe button on the Apple TV YouTube channel.

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