'Mario Kart Tour' Enters Closed Beta

Nintendo’s next game for mobile devices has finally entered its beta phase. Mario Kart Tour - of which no gameplay previews have been released - has finally seen some movement today ahead of its “Summer 2019” release date.


The beta program for Mario Kart Tour is being restricted to Android devices. Users can apply to be entered into the closed beta on the Mario Kart Tour website between now and May 7th. Mario Kart Tour will be the third mobile game publication by Nintendo, following Super Mario Run in 2016 and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in 2017.

While the beta program is only available to Android users, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see Mario Kart Tour officially announce a release date at Apple’s WWDC in June. The beta program ends on June 4th - one day after the WWDC main Keynote on June 3rd. It also wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo goes on stage at an Apple event. Back in 2016, Miyamoto himself announced the release of Super Mario Run as part of Apple’s annual “iPhone Event”.

The mobile games market is changing rapidly year over year with the help of Nintendo’s investment into the industry, along with other programs like Apple Arcade coming this fall. The platform is rapidly changing from a microtransaction-infested, pay-to-win garbage can, and into a legitimized space for casual gaming - right in everyone’s pocket.

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