Amazon is Buying Eero

Amazon announced that they are acquiring Eero.

Amazon has been making serious strides in becoming the smart home company. Considering that company goal, its pretty obvious that Amazon would then need to purchase a successful, easy-to-use home-wifi mesh system to support all of those smart home devices being pumped out of the Amazon warehouse.

Currently, Eero can be used with any smart home ecosystem. As a user of Eero in my home, I’m not particularly concerned about Amazon’s acquisition of Eero. I in no way use Amazon’s smart home ecosystem and I highly doubt that the Eero devices would become walled-off from either Google’s or Apple’s ecosystems. The only smart devices that can be walled-off are 'change-of-state’ devices like lightbulbs, televisions, and thermostats. A ‘change-of-state’ device requires either an automated or manual input from the user in order to reach peak-functionality. A wifi-mesh system, on the other hand, simply needs to be turned on and stay on.

Eero is successful because it’s easy-to-use and requires very little input while setting up and almost no input after that point. Somehow, I don’t imagine an, “Alexa, turn off the wifi,” being a step toward easier-to-use functionality. Eero will no doubt continue to be a background system that just works on all ecosystems, now with more funding.